Deconfinement: A third of French people want to renovate their homes by the end of the year

The house is more than ever a refuge for French people who want to feel good there. What is their project? What is their budget? How do they plan to finance it? Here are the results of the Cofidis/CSA Research survey “Les Français et la rénovation de leur logement”.

Confinement has reinforced the French desire for work

The French are familiar with renovation work. Containment has reinforced this trend and, despite the economic crisis that is beginning, the French are maintaining their willingness to carry out renovation work”, explains Mathieu Escarpit, Cofidis’ marketing director. We see that priority is given to the comfort and pleasure of their homes rather than to more costly energy renovation. Rightly so, the financing of large-scale works remains a major problem for the French, even if alternative financing and tax credits and grants exist”. The French do not only renovate their homes, but also furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. Many opt for second-hand items, in order to minimise their budget, and above all to preserve the environment.

Among the outstanding results of the study, we note that 54% of the French, or nearly 30 million people, intend to renovate their homes soon, especially the 25/34 year olds (68%) and the CSP+ (65%). A third (37%) want to renovate their homes by the end of 2020. This is the 2nd most popular project among the French after “going on a trip”.

The French like to undertake renovation work

Nearly three-quarters of French people (73%) have already carried out renovation work, especially retired people (78%) and homeowners (86%), who are widely represented in France (58% of French people own their main residence), with those living in the Southeast (76%) and the Ile-de-France region (75%) carrying out the most renovation work.65% of the building sites carried out are fairly recent (less than two years) and were mainly carried out by people who are settling into life, the under 35s (79%).The health crisis has amplified the desire to feel good at home: 54% of French people intend to carry out renovation work in the near future, particularly the 25/34 year olds (68%) and those in CSP+ (65%); and a third (37%) by the end of the coming months, building sites will take place primarily in Ile-de-France (40%) and the North-East region (39%).

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