"I do not envy the machos": we found the couple who burst the screen in 1979

Danielle was first taken for Marie-Catherine, the woman whose husband is annoyed that she has not ironed his laundry when he is about to leave for work."The least of things is at least to prepare a shirt for me in the morning ", he reproached her in front of the cameras.The images, taken from the documentary" Demain les hommes ", broadcast in 1979 on TF1, were recently unearthed by the INA.shared on social media, has gone viral: that's what it was like living with a macho forty years ago.

On the phone, Danielle winced when she was reminded of the scene.Behind the receiver, we heard her husband exclaim: "But I never said that! »Then we understood the mistake.Daniel and Joseph did participate in the documentary of Pascale Breugnot, but not in the role of the couple on the verge of rupture.Uncommon for the time, they rather embodied the free couple, which s 'fully flourishes in gender equality (we do not see them in the extract unearthed by the INA).

"It's like enjoying at the same time"

Interviewed in Danielle's official apartment, then headmistress of a nursery school, the couple in shirts and trousers with long legs spoke of autonomy and respect for each other, seated in green velvet armchairs."Our friends want everything.to do at the same time, to go to the same place at the same time, […] but one cannot have the same desires at the same time all his life, it is unthinkable! It's like enjoying at the same time ”, apologizes

Posted Date: 2020-10-06

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